Version 0.8.0 released!

In this first release by Pandora's crew, we are open a way to the final alpha release that should be here at the end of January.

We put a lot of new stuff into the game and remade many other things. Also brought a new Demo version, which is available for free to anyone who has not played yet and feel a taste of what the game has to offer.

Main Features

  • Map improvement

We remade a part of the map so that we could add new features.

  • Feedback system

Now the game can communicate with the player with the new feedback system that transmits real time essential information.

  • Engine sound

The engine sound system was completely remodeled

  • Multiplatform support

Now we support Mac and Linux platforms

Additional Changes

  • Better graphics (more realism and performance improvement)
  • Added new camera system
  • Added new tire textures
  • Better vehicle illumination
  • Added controls options (mouse steer)
  • Vehicle suspension improvement
  • Added vehicle customization and repair systems
  • Vehicles can now be damaged
  • Added new audio when reserve tank light is activated
  • Added new minimap texture (friendly interface based)

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