Alpha 9 Released

Finally, after a few weeks of delay, we are announcing the final alpha release and showing what should be on the first beta version with the release date of June 1.

We've made some changes in memory management and re-built the IA system so it can be smoother. We also put a preview version of the Paradise 180 bus for tests and a new IA car.

Main Features

  • GPS System

Now, when you choose a trip, the GPS will show you the best way to do it.

  • Map improvement

Many new builds and enviroment assets  have been added.

  • Save system

The game will save some information (vehicles and driver position, ), but still a work in progress feature and may not work as properly.

  • Models

Added a new bus (Paradise 180 W.I.P.) and a new IA car. 

  • Multiple color support

Now the option to change the color of the bus has an HSV color picker

Additional Changes

  • Better memory management (more realism and performance improvement)
  • Added the option to reset your vehicle to the closest repair center(F7 key, then confirm pressing return key)
  • New doors animation(Now you can cancel the door opening/closing as many times you want)
  • Better minimap texture resolution
  • Added profile management W.I.P.
  • Smoother loading screen

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